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"The Cove," Skaneateles, New York

In the Heart of the Village - Skaneateles

Skaneateles is perhaps most famed for its spelling and mis-pronuciation, (hint - Skanny-at-less, not "Skinny-Atlas,") followed by the fact that it's the cleanest of all the Fingerlakes, and heralded as one of the finest bodies of water in the world. 


Cobweb Cottage was so named by its second owner, E. R. Smith. The property has also been referred to over the years as "The Cove" because of its situation behind the sea wall at the head of the lake.


One of the most beautiful of Upstate New York's Fingerlakes, the village has a rich history that can be explored online with the sites listed below, or better yet, in person, as countless vacationers and two sitting United States Presidents have done in recent history (Clinton, Obama).

It has been home to General Wainwright and author Tobias Wolf. Famed Interior Designer Thom Filicia (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,) owns a vacation home on the lake and Vice President Joe Biden's first wife and mother of his children, Nelia Hunter, was a Skaneateles girl.


About Skaneateles


Skaneateles Chamber of Commerce


Skaneateles Historical Society


Skaneateles Public Library


Skaneateles - Character & Characters


Dinner Cruises on Skaneateles Lake

Below: A tradition in Skaneateles is for the grads to jump in the lake. The Class of 1978, who started the spectacle, showed great restraint in not jumping in the lake, with the admonition from the school authorities that it would never be allowed again if they did. The following year the School Superintendent himself, reportedly led the plunge, and so it goes.  (AP Photo/The Post-Standard, Nicholas Lisi)


Above: Images of Skaneateles from the Skaneateles Area Chamber of Commerce site


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